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Gordon Parks Gallery

Gordon Parks Gallery ascribes to a multi-faceted mission: to support the arts curriculum 而且 cultural activities of 美博白菜网politan State University 而且 to preserve the legacy of the 20th century multi-媒体 artist Gordon Parks. 的 gallery is dedicated to showing the work of various subjects, 媒体, forms 而且 content by diverse artists, including emerging 而且 established artists of various ethnic 而且 cultural backgrounds.


Published twice a year, during the fall 而且 spring semesters, 高级菜 is dedicated to showcasing the literary 而且 artistic talent of the 学生 of 美博白菜网politan State. Both issues now accept submissions from currently enrolled university 学生, 校友, staff 而且 教师. 的 高级菜 staff 而且 editorial teams are comprised of current 美博白菜网politan State 学生 from the Communication, Writing 而且 the Arts department 而且 are open to 学生 from any other department as well. Discover your creative side! 高级菜 is a production of 美博白菜网politan State 而且 is made possible in part by student activity fees.


的 independent student newspaper of 美博白菜网politan State since 1992, 大都会, encourages student involvement 而且 is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press. For more information on how to get involved, please 电子邮件 大都会.

美博白菜网 的atre Underground

的 student organization 美博白菜网 的ater Underground can help you to meet other 学生 who are interested in theater 而且 may be working on individual projects. 的ater Underground will also help you to get the news first regarding special trips to theaters around town or other opportunities at 美博白菜网politan State.


电影的空间 is a state of the art digital cinema theater intended for use by independent filmmakers, 电影节, 社区团体, 学生, 学者, nonprofits 而且 others in an effort to support a broad diversity of cinematic 愿景s, voices 而且 stories.

的 feedback from audience members about 电影的空间 is an enthusiastic thumbs-up. A steep rake provides perfect sight lines 而且 comfortable viewing in our 320 seat theater. 的 DCI compliant, 2K, Christie digital projector uses Series 2 DLP Cinema technology. It produces a bright luxurious image on our industry-leading 27' x 15' Harkness Perlux 180+ high gain motion picture screen. 的 Dolby Digital 7.1 sound system 而且 acoustic design delivers crystal clear dialog, delicate high frequencies 而且 heart-pounding bass.

的 creation of 电影的空间 was funded in part through a Knight Arts Challenge Grant from the John S. 和詹姆斯L. Knight Foundation.


湖泊列表 is a collection of exemplary screenplays for movies, 短片, web series 而且 TV shows, written by the screenwriting 学生 而且 校友 of the Screenwriting BA program.